Summer Kelly

Describe your job at C&A.

As the Client Experience Manager at Copy & Art my job consists of forming cross-functional partnerships with clients and C&A internal staff alike. On a daily basis, you can find me engaging and interacting with clients regarding current/future projects. Through collaboration, communication, and teamwork, I help clients identify, navigate and achieve their company goals by providing high-quality strategies/solutions in a timely manner.

If you had to choose 3 words to describe your role at C&A, what would they be?

Engaging. Collaborative. Exciting.

What inspires you?

Anything and everything. I like to and try to remain open to the world around me so I can be accepting of even the most minute of offerings.

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on?

Since starting at Copy & Art, my favorite job so far was working on the Phelps Patient Testimonial video shoot. It was amazing to organize and assist in the development of this project. Being onsite, hearing the patients recount their journeys with the Phelp’s team was truly impactful and powerful. It gave me the ability to understand the client as well as their mission on a more intimate level. I look forward to more projects as these in the future.

What tools or apps can’t you live without?

Shazam: I love music! When I am out-and-about and hear a tune that catches my ear, I need to know what it is or else I will spend hours trying to find it. Shazam gives me the ability to identify a song within seconds.

Spotify: To further my love of music (and listen to the songs that I recently Shazamed!)

Excel: Spreadsheets are a huge part of my life (both personally/professionally); Being able to organize and manage my data is truly invaluable in keeping me on track!

How do you work through a creative block?

I will step away from my work/assignment and go for a quick walk to recenter.

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