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White Plains, New York—October 27, 2020—What words would you use to describe a bold leader? Perhaps visionary, determined, inspiring. Last Friday, SEPA Mujer and 5 women who excel in their respective industries reminded us that “Latina” can also be used to describe notable leaders. SEPA Mujer, Inc. is a non-profit organization that aims to elevate the well-being and success of Latina immigrant women on Long Island. Elena Rivera-Cheek, Chief Creative Officer and Owner of Copy & Art Advertising proudly shared her story and how she believes we can inspire and motivate other women.

Elena Rivera-Cheek speaks during the Latina Bosses event.

“[Keynote speaker] Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz said, ‘Use your privilege and use it well” and I think maybe that’s my goal tonight,” Elena shared with the group, “There is absolutely a way forward here. We just have to support each other and find the way.” 

SEPA Mujer hosted its 3rd annual Latina Bosses networking event on Zoom to highlight and recognize trailblazing Latina women who excel in their industry and inspire other Latinas to pursue their professional passions and career ambitions fearlessly. 

The program featured keynote speaker Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz along with a panel of powerhouse Latina professionals including: 

  • Elena Rivera-Cheek, Copy & Art Advertising 
  • Rashmia Zatar, STRONG Youth 
  • Eva Rodriguez Greguski, Chief of Staff, Majority Leader of Suffolk County Legislature 
  • Dr. Elsa Morote, Dean at John Jay College of Criminal Justice 

The women talked about how they overcame challenges and bias working in male-dominated fields where they might be one of few people of color, as well as where they drew strength to become an expert or influential in their fields. The speakers answered questions from both the moderator and the audience. 

When asked how she believed she could support her community, Elena recalled guidance from her father, also an entrepreneur. 

Photo of Elena Rivera-Cheek, Chief Creative Officer of Copy & Art Advertising

“My approach to supporting communities and people might be different. I was taught that I could do more if I was successful, and that I might have a voice if I made it. So, focus on making it—for your ancestors, for your grandparents, for your parents and for your children. Make sure you’re the best. Then, support the community. Hire the people where people in a field can’t get a job if you don’t look a certain way. Build a different kind of thing.” 

Elena Rivera-Cheek, Chief Creative Officer, Copy & Art Advertising

The virtual event served as reminder that despite challenges like a global pandemic, we can remain united in our passion for our careers, our ambitions, our families, and our communities. To learn more or to donate, visit  

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