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From pixel specs to content, we have you covered

Social media platforms are frequently being updated. Trying to keep up with those updates can prove difficult when you run on your own time. That’s why we put together a short guide on all the most recent updates on how each platform handles social media images, including a downloadable infographic below. Keep reading to learn more.


Facebook’s entire layout has been updated and looks like a combined version of Twitter and Instagram. Users can also switch between light or dark mode. The news feed will no longer be cluttered with Groups, businesses, games, etc; updates will be put in tabs along the sidebar. This means it’s a great time to invest in Facebook’s robust in-feed ad network so that your brand’s updates won’t get lost. Facebook also relaxed the standards for ad images to allow for more text, helping you include important information in your ads that will catch your ideal customer’s eye.


The newest thing to come to Instagram is Instagram Reels. These are similar to TikTok, where users can create snappy, short videos set to background music. According to AdEspresso by Hootsuite, “Brands should pay attention to this, and look for opportunities to use Reels, especially in fun Stories. This can give you a way to create new, quirky content that your audience will love.” Posting Reels that your audience can relate to brings an even more personal touch to your account and will net you engagement.


Twitter has added a new feature: Fleets, which are similar to Instagram and Snapchat’s Stories and disappear within a set time period. You can use Fleets to share bite sized behind-the-scenes videos or quick photos. Fleets aren’t as interactive as Instagram Stories yet but promise to be a new and interesting feature for Twitter. Twitter has also started testing voice-only tweets. Yet another update can help you keep track of your comments. “Retweets with Comments” (also known as Quote Tweets) will no longer be considered individual tweets and will instead count toward the retweet number on the initial tweet. This slight change will boost your numbers and engagement.


Millions of people use LinkedIn to engage every day with their professional network. Thought leaders on LinkedIn can now make excellent use of the slideshow feature, which allows informational content to shine. Square posts have become more common since LinkedIn’s 2020 UI overhaul, though wide posts still have their place for promotional and video use. LinkedIn has also improved the article-writing process, so you can craft insightful long form content with greater ease.

Paying attention to changing social media image sizes and trends is key for keeping your brand relevant and engaging. For more information on how Copy & Art can help boost your social media presence, email us at or call (914) 607-7888. Don’t forget to download our Social Media Image Guide!

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