How to use color to reach the right audience


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What your use of color is saying to your audience 

All around the world, individuals have different reactions to different colors. Color associations are dependent on gender, culture/society, and personal experience. That said, color is an important factor in the assumptions that consumers make about products or brands. In fact, up to 90% of judgments made about products are dependent on color.

Studies show that the “appropriateness” of a color when used for a brand or product influences consumer opinion. Does the color match the good or service that is being sold?

For example, companies that focus on recycling, conservation, or eco-friendly initiatives often include green in their logos because of its association with nature. Green is also commonly associated with money or science, making it versatile and applicable to a variety of industries.

Colors can influence how the “personality” of a particular brand is perceived

Brands can instill a mood or vibe in their audience by carefully utilizing color. Certain colors are associated with youth, energy, or happiness, while others can be interpreted to mean danger, courage, or adventure.

Take Nickelodeon as an example. As a channel focused on content for children and teens, their chosen logo color is orange, representing enthusiasm and playfulness. This color choice, along with their rounded typeface and deliberate lack of capital letters, reflects a relaxed, fun, and kid-friendly brand personality.

The Nickelodeon logo demonstrates a deliberate use of color (orange) to evoke a childish feel.
The Nickelodeon logo

PayPal, on the other hand, uses different shades of blue to create a more professional, business-minded personality. Blue is known to imply a sense of professionalism and security. The subtle overlap of blues in the P logomark creates a third darker blue that introduces an additional shade to the brand’s palette.

The Paypal logo's use of color, namely blue, demonstrates a mature yet modern sensibility
The PayPal logo

Remember, your brand’s goal should be to stand out from the competition. Many companies will choose color combinations that not only reflect the mood of their business but are generally eye-catching as well.

A visually striking color palette can be created by varying the saturation and contrast between colors. A pop of highly-saturated color on a white, gray, or black background makes calls to action and clickable objects more distinct and easier to spot.

A brief guide to color

Color associations vary from person to person. However, certain colors do have common associations in the US consumer market. Here is our guide to choosing colors that work for your business and support the message you want to send:

Red symbolizes energy, power, determination, and desire

Orange symbolizes enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, and success

Yellow symbolizes joy, happiness, intellect, and energy

Green symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility

Blue symbolizes sincerity, authenticity, idealism, and uniqueness

Purple symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition

Our logo reflects our attitude

At Copy & Art, we fundamentally understand how color can demonstrate a brand’s personality. Black is an elegant and formal color, while pink is often linked to confidence, hope, and optimism. Through our brand’s evolution over the years, these colors have come to represent the ways our company combines exacting expertise and bold creative.

If your business needs a brand refresh, turn to an agency that understands color as an essential aspect of brand awareness. To learn more about our design capabilities, email [email protected] or call (914) 607-7888.

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