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COVID-19 Trend Report

The most important thing for healthcare marketers to remember is that people are fearful and eager for updates during a pandemic.

Patients and customers are worried about their jobs, their families, their health, and a multitude of other issues. So, the goal of any consumer-facing communication is to alleviate that worry.

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Even more important than striking the right tone is not striking the wrong one.

More uplifting, more hopeful, and more sympathetic—marketers are trying to keep the mood positive and communications either informative or inspiring.

Social media has become an even more important part of the healthcare marketing strategy, with an emphasis on organic and paid social posts that either tell moving stories or promote COVID-19 information and resources.


32% of internet users in the US say they have been spending more time on social media during the pandemic.

Click-through rates have dropped by 17.2% since the beginning of 2020.

Not sure how to plan for marketing in 2021? You’re not the only one. Planning for the future is difficult right now. But you can use what we’ve learned in 2020 to create a strong yet flexible marketing strategy for next year.


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