What is your Call to Action?

Have you ever read a blog post and wondered to yourself, “Now what?” You’re probably sitting there questioning if you just wasted time reading something that didn’t lead you anywhere. What that post was probably missing was a Call to Action (CTA).

A CTA, according to Hubspot, is “part of a story, webpage, advertisement, or piece of content that encourages the audience to do something.” Marketing has used CTAs for years. You may have seen CTAs without realizing or even clicked on one or two. You’ll probably use the CTA at the bottom of this post.

One example of a CTA often used in magazines or online blogs is, “Subscribe here,” or “Subscribe for free.” Other commonly-used CTA phrases are: sign up, try it for free, learn more, share on social media, download for free, etc. All of these words, especially “free,” cause an emotional and mental reaction that provokes the reader into taking action and seeking more information. This is the first step in creating a clear and motivating Call to Action.

A reader will find a CTA usually at the bottom of an article or advertisement. Websites also use CTA buttons like, “Get started,” “See our work,” or “Who we are.” This encourages the reader to continue interacting with the brand. Maintaining the connection is essential. This is why LinkedIn recently added Call to Action options for businesses to drive traffic more efficiently. The five Call to Action options LinkedIn provides for businesses are: Contact us, Learn more, Register, Sign up, and Visit website.

Why is it important for your reader to click on your Call to Action?

It is essential to have a strong CTA to encourage interaction with your consumers, just as you would on social media. The more engagement you have on social media, the more consumers your brand will reach. The more people you have clicking on your CTA, the more likely it is that those people will return to learn more about your brand.

If you’re still having trouble creating the perfect Call to Action, Copy & Art is here for you. Give us a call at (914)-607-7888 or email hello@copyandartny.com, and one of our expert copywriters will help your brand’s engagement grow.

See what I did there?

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