What going "above and beyond" means here

There are two types of people in the world: 1) a person who looks at their work and says, “It’s good enough,” and 2) a person who looks at their work and asks, “What can I do better?”

The latter person is hard to come by. Most perform only what is expected or less than what is expected of them. However, the world’s most successful people – the ones who were so great, they changed the course of history – didn’t see themselves as “good enough.” They hungered for more and they honed their skills every day in hopes of becoming greater. And they never accepted limitations.

In 1967, a man named Jim Abbott was born in Michigan. As a boy, he believed his passion in life was to play baseball. But, Jim was born without a right hand. Although people told Jim he’d never be able to play, he didn’t give up. He trained himself to catch and throw a ball with the same hand, equipping and unequipping his glove when needed. His relentless dedication to his training would grant him pitching skills that eventually made him a legend in his craft.

We think life is about making the most of ourselves; aspiring to exceed expectations, searching for higher peaks, and saying “no” to alleged limitations. More than anything, we live to pursue our dreams no matter what stands in the way.

Everyone should have a dream. Ours is to build and invent. To connect with others and exceed their creative goals. To create curiosity and to innovate. To achieve greatness, together.

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