We attended an Instagram forum and this is what we learned

Several of my coworkers and I recently attended the Social Media Forum NYC session on Instagram, sponsored by themagiclikes.com, and discovered many new ways to optimize Instagram for our company and our clients. Are you trying to create a personal brand or market your business on Instagram? Or perhaps in the position of creating social media strategies for other brands? If so, you might benefit from the tips and tricks we were able to incorporate into our social media strategy.

So, what’s important when it comes to connecting with an audience on Instagram?

First and foremost, content creators need to be in touch with their clients. Know what kind of content they are looking for and provide it. Know the unique value proposition of the product or service you are trying to promote and give each post some thought. Some users plan ahead and post their images in a pattern, creating a unique effect on the overview of their page. Posts of the same type can be arranged in columns or rows, or images can even be split into multiple posts to create a collage. The more interesting your page is, the more followers you’ll have.

Major brands are already using their feeds in creative ways. Halo Top Creamery, the dairy-free ice cream brand, uses a color blocking technique and posts in sets of nine.

So does the popular delivery company Postmates, varying between sets of three, six, or nine and usually alternating between food images and text posts.

Fitbit also alternates between images and text and makes sure that their product isn’t the centerpiece of most images. Only about 10% of social posts should be blatant promotion. Everything else should make an effort to engage with the audience.

Quality is better than quantity

Rather than posting as often as possible, even when you don’t have anything good to post, maintain a steady stream of high-quality posts at a pace you can maintain. It doesn’t matter if it’s once a day or once a week, as long as you can manage to continue on an ongoing basis. It is better to post nothing than to post a poor-quality picture.

Quality content is not only about image clarity. If your account is for a professional photography brand or will include advertising posts, good photo editing is a must. Even if it’s not, posts should be consistent in timing and quality and should inspire curiosity in the audience.

If you’re looking to reach a wider audience, think about changing your geolocation. You don’t have to tag your post with your actual physical location. You can change it to a trending one to reach anyone who might be searching for it. Hashtags are also a valuable tool to expand a page’s reach. The more, the better.

Engagement is more important that the number of followers

Brands that are looking to sponsor influencers care about reach. This doesn’t only mean how many followers you have. It also means their level of engagement, the types of posts they engage with the most, and where they’re located. Brands will always measure your influence by your followers’ interaction with your page, rather than by the number you have.

Everyone is doing the same thing on social media; it’s your job to break through the noise.One on one engagement is the most important tool you can use to break through the constant barrage of the same old thing. If possible, try to respond to every single comment. Engage with each user as if they were a friend. Make each one feel like your most important follower. Use social media to build relationships and collaborate with others.

“Everything that has to do with business is hospitality.” ~ Dr. Rubinshtein

Decide what you want your followers to think about you and make your page reflect that

Your Instagram should present an image to your followers—the version of yourself that you want them to see. Showcase the best parts of yourself. Show off your abilities, produce the most engaging content you can, use tags to spread your influence, and above all, always be yourself.

To this end, use Instagram Stories. They don’t need to be as edited or polished as regular posts, and they can help you achieve an authentic feel for your page. If you receive negative comments, understand that they are inevitable and respond in a positive, genuine manner. If you’ve done a good job connecting with your other followers, they will defend you against anyone who is trying to bring you down.


Spread the love and use as many platforms as possible. Social media is a varied world, spread across many platforms and true brand influence can be achieved using all of them. Instagram is a large platform, but it is not suitable for every type of content. If your audience skews older, try Facebook. If you tend to post a lot of breaking news and rapid updates, Twitter might be the place for you. If you’re looking to experiment with new, up-and-coming platforms, test out Tik Tok. Be flexible and think outside the box.

Instagram is a tool in our toolbox

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