Video killed the radio star...oh-a-oh. Or did it?

Technology sure has changed since the Buggles released their hit track back in 1979.

But to think that radio is dead is a mistake. Advertising on broadcast radio may still be one of the most cost-effective approaches to reaching your target audience (the key is to know your audience).

According to a Q1 2018 Nielson report1, 92% of US adults listened to the radio each week. In fact, people spent an average of an hour and 45 minutes listening to the radio each day.

And now, there are even more options to get your message across the airwaves—or, I should say—through digital radio and streaming media. 43% of US adults listened to streaming audio from their smartphones according to the same Nielsen study.

Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and others allow us to further customize what we listen to, but they also allow advertisers to get more targeted with their audience, demographics, etc.

As you develop a potential media plan for radio and streaming service ads, you’ll want to consider your target demographics, reach, and frequency. But for us, the key is the creative.

From a creative perspective, radio advertising poses a fun challenge—you have very little time to get your message across and no visuals to help tell the story. That means the development of quick, but memorable, messages are of utmost importance. Begin with your brand’s core messages and your target audience should be considered. Then, think about how your radio ad can stand out from other ads. And most important of all: keep it simple.

The great thing about radio? When you’re on the air, you are front and center for your listeners. And you’re where ever your listeners are:

At home, in the kitchen? Check.
At the office? Check.
At the beach? Check.
In my mind…and in my car (oh a oh)? Check.

If you can’t help yourself and need to listen to the song—here it is.


  1. The Neilson Company. The Neilson Total Audience Report Q1 2018.

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