Video & Interaction on Social Media

Curiosity is the cure to boredom. If you can capture one’s curiosity, their attention is all yours.

Imagine you’re scrolling through social media. You scan each post synchronized with the press of your finger on your screen. You stop scrolling when you’re faced with a post heavy with text – almost two full paragraphs.

During that split second, you meet this post before you read a single word of it, you gaze upon the abundance of words, and you feel something. It’s a feeling you have grown more familiar with since the introduction of social media–impatience.

For all you know, this post could be about anything. Reading all that text seems like a tedious chore. The chances of you engaging with this post (or sharing it with your friends) have dropped dramatically.

After all, countless posts, messages, and advertisements find their way to your screen every day, and many of them only earn a quick skim. What hope does this random, long post have of grabbing your attention, thrilling you, and possessing you to spread it around to your friends?

You might feel differently about a video, though. When you scroll to one of these posts, it automatically starts. “What’s this?” you ask when you see a clip of the sun setting over a beach. After the first visual pulls you in, you glance at the duration of the video, see that it’s a mere 40 seconds, and agree to the transaction: your time for an answer to your question: “What’s this?”

From here, the video has to deliver what it promised you. It needs to be worth your remaining 37 seconds. After seeing the gorgeous sunset, the video cuts to a woman with golden skin relaxing at the beach with three smiling children. As a narrator introduces “our new, whipped sunscreen: protection like you’ve never felt,” the woman holds out a bottle of sunscreen and rubs some on her child’s shoulder.

Even though the post with text may have taken the same amount of time, you’re more compelled to engage because of the video. The difference is how the video immediately evokes a reaction and an emotion.

With all that text, you felt annoyed and burdened. A well-executed video, on the other hand, will make you curious and it won’t ask much from you. Instill into your audience an unquenchable curiosity, and they will yearn for more of your content.

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