Trending topics in hospital marketing

Times are changing and marketing strategies need to change with them. It is in the best interests of any company or brand to remain timely and current, but this is particularly important in the world of hospital marketing. Hospitals are unique in that they can be sources of both dread and joy. They can deliver heartbreaking diagnoses, lifesaving treatments, or new babies. They provide the mundane, albeit critical services, like flu shots.

Hospitals are also unique in that people rarely think about them until they need one. In the age of social media and inbound marketing, it is more important than ever for them to make a personal connection with prospective patients and their communities. Hospitals need to provide more than a one-time service. They need to position themselves as sources of ongoing health-related information, community support, and advocacy.

As 2019 unfolds, hospitals need to adapt their marketing strategies to the changing health concerns of the population. Useful and timely content creates the biggest draw and positions a hospital as an institution that understands the concerns of the people it serves.

Hospital Marketing

The world of hospital-based healthcare is changing fast. Scientific and technological advances are changing the healthcare landscape. New therapies have turned once-fatal diseases into chronic conditions. Surgeries that once required lengthy hospitalizations have become outpatient procedures.

Patients comprise the market for such hospital-based innovations, a market that is becoming increasingly competitive as patients become educated consumers. Once expected to accept diagnoses and treatment plans without question, patients today have more knowledge and choices than ever about the treatments — and hospitals — they choose.

That’s why hospital marketing matters. Hospitals need to do more than advertise: they need to educate. And to educate, they must communicate, which is why they choose Copy & Art. Our full-service agency specializes in all forms of healthcare communications, including hospital marketing. And our versatile, multi-talented staff of designers, copywriters, health writers, photographers, and videographers delivers marketing campaigns that target the customers who matter most — patients.

From redesigning websites, to developing and filming television commercials, to creating radio, print and TV ads, to producing newsletter content, we have the expertise to craft a communication strategy that captures the confidence of the patients hospitals want to reach.

Video marketing

When it comes to marketing, competition is the name of the game. And these days, with most marketplaces online, competition is stiff. In the world of business, where the pace is fast and attention spans are short, video marketing is the best way to capture interest, create traction and build a loyal fan base.

Copy & Art understands the value of videos. We know that any business enterprise that wants to get ahead today must have not only an online presence but also use video as a marketing tool. After all, most consumers would rather watch video content than read.

Is it any wonder, then, that video marketing is the most popular advertising medium used today? Indeed, some 87% of online marketers using video content in their marketing strategies. Video marketing is so powerful that it fills some part of every day of more than half of folks who regularly use the web to listen to music or watch movies or YouTube.

And, because videos encourage sharing, social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter provide the perfect platforms for video distribution. Which is why as video viewing becoming more accessible than ever, Copy & Art builds video marketing into every ad campaign.