The power of a swag box

Creating your identity

Your brand’s identity is more than just a logo. Though your logo is essential, creating an identity for your brand shows what it stands for. At Copy & Art, we go above and beyond by being a bold, positive, energetic, intelligent, and creative team. We show this through our brand’s colors by using a bright purple, pink, and orange using a paintbrush effect on our social media, business cards, website, etc. Our words use bold and black lettering to pop against the vibrant colors. We didn’t just choose these colors or lettering to be memorable, but to stand against other agencies, while making our brand trustworthy with our team, and especially our clients. Our clients can trust that our company won’t do the bare minimum and know that we will live up to going above and beyond.

Creating a bond with your client

Making sure your clients know you value them takes more than just doing the job perfectly. But, showing you value them is the most critical job.

At Copy & Art, we try to value our existing clients and potential clients in multiple ways. This includes taking them out to lunch, personal phone calls, emails, and the fact that we prioritize all their needs and wants.

Our new favorite way of showing value is by creating unexpected surprises and always leaving our clients in a better/happy place. Some surprises that we love are our swag boxes.

Creating a branded swag box

Subscription boxes were the first of many swag boxes. One example of what companies would use a subscription box for were trying new beauty products. This was effective in multiple ways. The receivers of these boxes got new products every month and if they liked one out of, let’s say five products, the receiver would go out to keep buying the one product.

Well now, companies can create their own swag boxes, either as a one-time thing or a monthly subscription. But, what do you put in these boxes, you ask? It’s (almost) simple. If you were a music store, you might put guitar pics, stickers, and maybe blank sheet music. But how do you stand against other music stores?

At Copy & Art, we use the swag box to show our clients how much we love them. But, it’s not a typical brown box. The box itself has our brand identity splashed all over it. The vibrant colors and bold words are the first things you see before opening the box. When opening, you might find branded pens, notebooks, folders, etc.

So, if you were this said music store, those guitar pics, stickers, and blank sheet music, would have your logo and colors on it. This would help your music store stand against others because your customers would know your brand.

If you need help creating your brand identity, Copy & Art has the knowledge and an expert team to help you! Email or call (914)697-7888 for more information on how to start.

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