Tips for a successful email campaign

Rethink your email campaign strategy.

1. Craft a clear and captivating subject line and objective

Your subject line and your objective should go together like peanut butter and jelly. If there is a disconnect between the subject line and the content, viewers won't continue reading.

Know your objective. Are you boosting engagement, re-engaging subscribers, segmenting, or welcoming new subscribers? Your campaign should align with your objective.

Consider your target audience. Ask yourself: What do they value most, and how can I deliver their unmet need? 

Don't use "clickbait" subject lines but do place your focus on clicks, which lead to conversions. Also, ensure your subject line is on-brand and consider personalizing emails for a more tailored viewer experience.

2. Clean copy, great art

Keep the copy simple, concise, and clean. State the benefit and/or unmet need you are providing as well as a clear call to action. What do you want viewers to do after reading your email?

The design of the email should match the tone of the copy and be equally alluring. Keep in mind how readers are viewing this material—desktops, but also phones and tablets too. Ensure your email is easily readable on a variety of platforms.

3. Engage your reader

Although you want to keep the copy concise, consider adding something extra to keep your readers engaged. Images, polls, surveys, GIFs, short videos, anecdotes, facts, or statistics can help keep readers interested.

4. Monitor audience and analytics

Don't spam customers. Send emails to a specific demographic and only those who would be interested in your service or product.

Test your campaign with a small group and pay attention to the results. Measure the OR (open ratio) and the CTOR (click to open rate) on your call to action. After analysis, alter your campaign to optimize the user experience.

5. The aftermath of a campaign is important too

Once your campaign is complete, measure your success. Utilize Google Analytics and other tools to measure conversions to your website.

Test the design, layout, subject lines, and call to action. Experiment with the time you send emails and monitor email analytics relating to opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and forwards or shares. Also plan follow-up emails.

Have a debrief with your marketing team and discuss what worked and what didn't. Remember, there's always room for improvement.

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