Storytelling Through Social Media

There are new social media trends every day, whether it’s a new filter on Snapchat or an egg on Instagram trying to break a world record with more than 18 million likes. (Yes, that happened, and the egg beat Kylie Jenner with 53.4 million likes.) But what people are missing out on is the trend of storytelling.

Storytelling through captions for posted pictures is what we know. Though, the new and best way to tell a story is through video, at least on social media. As sad as it may be, people nowadays try to avoid reading extended captions or articles. Heck, I don’t even know if you’ll read this all the way through. Our attention spans are short due to our active thumbs scrolling through thousands of contents on our phones. This makes getting your message across a bit harder, which is why storytelling through videos will make it easy.

Small businesses use social media regularly, with Facebook as the most popular platform and Instagram, second. YouTube videos remain the top platform for video marketing. Though Instagram and Facebook have made posting videos easier through “stories.”

Your viewers want to be able to relate to you and know you’re not just a worker bee, but an actual person. Posting live videos, stories, and boomerangs of your workday make you likable, and catching likes is what you want. When posting a story, always add a hashtag, location, or add some Gifs and emojis, and you will be found, watched, and liked more than if you hadn’t.

Copy & Art recently had our coworkers start taking over our social media. We have found posting natural, not posed, videos (or pictures) of our day has gained more engagement through comments, reposts, views, and likes. Our viewers like that they can relate to us and enjoy how much fun we have in the office.

If you have a hard time making a video or using social media to further your brand, contact Copy & Art at (914)607-7888 or email We can help improve your company engagement by creating original content custom fitted to your brand.

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