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At Copy & Art, we get to see the benefits of good leadership in action. Positive direction is particularly important at a small agency like ours, and we see the effect up close and personal. If you’re in a leadership position, or perhaps even the CEO of your own company, there are things you can do to ensure your employees are as dedicated to your company’s success as you are.

What do the most successful companies have in common? I’ll give you a hint; it’s not that their leading executives are all excellent businesspeople. But the leaders of successful businesses do tend to operate their businesses in a manner aligned with their personal beliefs and values. Those beliefs guide their work and hiring policies. When everyone who works for you has values aligned with yours, success is that much easier.

But why are personal values important for motivating employees or why they avoid a workforce of qualified hires who hate their jobs and do the bare minimum? It’s important to remember the people who follow you do it because they want to, not because they have to. So, make them want it.

First, what not to do

Too many business owners and leaders sell their products to potential employees by pitching what they do or make first. But Simon Sinek had the right idea, counterintuitive as it may seem: “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.” In his famous TedTalk, Sinek advocated keeping your “why” at the center of everything you do. Your beliefs and values dictate your behavior, but also the behavior of the people you’re trying to do business with. The people who believe what you believe are both ideal employees and customers.

So, how can I become a great leader for my employees?

By communicating your “why” to your employees, you improve their understanding of your behavior and expectations. They do better work because they know more about you and what you expect from them. Statistics, descriptions of what your company does, and employment perks only give potential employees a justification for choosing you. To get them to make the decision, you need to target their own beliefs and emotions. Show them why your company exists, what your purpose is, and why it might be in line with their own beliefs.

Research shows the best leaders are committed to professional development. They know they cannot succeed alone and empower those who follow them. By helping their employees grow and improve, they are helping themselves. A leader should also be a mentor; employees value superiors who are at least as invested in them as they are in the company.

Happy employees produce better work

The people who work at Copy & Art have values aligned with those of the company and its leadership. We actually like working here, crazy as it sounds. We are committed to the vision, to our clients, and our leaders because they are committed to us. Finding enjoyment in coming to work makes all the difference, and it’s a difference our clients can feel. To learn more about how happy employees create better ad campaigns, email hello@copyandartny.comor call (914) 607-7888.

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