Knowing your social media audience

An important part of creating an effective social media marketing strategy is reaching the right audience. Without knowing what demographic you’re targeting and how best to reach them, it’s difficult to create a compelling marketing message. Every communication should be tailored to the platform, the audience, and the marketing need.

To help you find where your targets are spending time online, start by reviewing user data from the largest social media platforms.

Once you’ve selected the most appropriate platforms to reach your intended audience, craft a compelling message and post it. Remember, your message should be customized to the platform you choose. The same message is not appropriate for both LinkedIn and Snapchat. Here are some quick tips for the major platforms:

Facebook messages should be story-driven, or better yet, go with a video; video gets high engagement on Facebook

Twitter is the place to get news; keep posts short and attention-grabbing

Instagram is a visual platform; the most important part is your photo or video so make it the best it can be

LinkedIn is a good place to post industry news or start discussions

Snapchat is for a young crowd and is almost purely visual; if it makes sense for your business, this is a good place to show your fun side

Think about the service or product you’re offering and who would be most interested in it. How old are they? Where do they live? What gender, race, or ethnicity are they? What are they likely to need? Knowing the answers to these questions will help lead you to the right message and the right channel to send it out. If you need help crafting the right message or figuring out the right mix of platforms to reach your intended audience, an experienced marketing agency can help with that. Email or call (914) 607-7888 to see what Copy & Art has to offer.

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