Key digital marketing materials to engage your audience

Creating content with your audience in mind

Whenever creating content, it’s essential to speak to your audience and not at them. From a social media post to an email, tailor your messaging to your key demographic, keeping in mind their age, location, preferences, how/what kind of contact they have with you, and their lifecycle stage: the awareness stage, the consideration stage, or the decision stage.

The awareness stage

Blog posts: can help increase organic traffic when SEO is utilized

Infographics: are sharable and engaging content, best utilized through social media

Short videos: are very sharable and can help obtain new audiences, best utilized through social media channels

The consideration stage

E-books: comprehensive material that is great for attracting leads and audience members are more likely to exchange their contact information

Research or trend reports: a high-value content piece discussing new data in your field is great for lead generation

Webinars: are also of high value as they contain detailed, interactive, and informative content that is more comprehensive than materials from the awareness stage

The decision stage

Case studies: detailed reports that showcase effective forms, strategies, and analytics to help your audience determine the value of your business

Testimonials: can help showcase how your other clients, buyers, or audience members feel about your brand and business, which influences new audience members on doing business with you.

Know your audience

The types of content materials you give your audience are just as important as your tone, voice, and brand consistency. You want your audience to know who you are as a company and find your materials significant and useful to them. Create materials that capture the unmet needs of your audience while keeping consistent with your brand.

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