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Times are changing, and marketing strategies need to change with them. It is in the best interests of any company or brand to remain timely and up-to-date, but this is particularly important in the world of hospital marketing. Hospitals are unique in that they can be sources of both dread and joy. They can deliver heartbreaking diagnoses, lifesaving treatments, or new babies. They can even provide more mundane services, like flu shots.

Hospitals are also unique in that people rarely think about them until they need one. In the age of social media and inbound marketing, it is more important than ever for hospital brands to make a personal connection with prospective patients and with their communities. Hospitals need to provide more than a one-time service. They need to position themselves as sources of ongoing health-related information, community support, and advocacy.

In 2019, it will be beneficial for hospitals to adapt their marketing strategies to the changing health concerns of the population. Useful and timely content creates the biggest draw and positions a hospital as an institution that understands the concerns of the people it serves. It can also inform marketing strategy and hospital policy.

American communities are struggling with opioid addiction

For example, one of America’s most prevalent health issues at the moment is the opioid crisis. In their quest to provide health content, hospitals should be cognizant of how opioid addiction affects the people in their area. They should use that information to direct their marketing strategies. There is an opportunity for community outreach, substance abuse programs, and partnership with community stakeholders that cater to populations who might be vulnerable to substance addiction, such as rehab centers.

Navigating the healthcare system is more difficult than ever

Another issue of interest is the complexity of the healthcare system. Patients are more informed these days, but the healthcare system is also more complicated. Many hospitals invest in health programs and content marketing designed to demystify insurance, healthcare, and treatment systems. Guides to insurance coverage and navigating the hospital system are forms of useful service content that hospitals can provide to current and prospective patients.

Disaster preparedness is important year-round

Some areas are more prone to natural disasters than others, and hospitals should consider their service area when creating this content. Extreme weather is a rising concern for many Americans, especially those living in areas commonly affected by hurricanes or wildfires. Disaster preparedness information is available from resources like the CDC, but hospitals are uniquely positioned to tailor content for their local residents.

We always keep an eye on emerging trends in healthcare communication

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