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Let’s go live—Instagram Live

Instagram Live—or Insta LIVE, as I like to call it—is a feature on Instagram Stories that lets you stream video while engaging with viewers in real time. As video continues to be a key marketing trend in 2020, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve with your approach to social media. It’s not enough that you use social media consistently. How, when, and what you post can help elevate your brand and overall business.

4 tips for going LIVE via Instagram

1. Create hype

Promotion is key—build anticipation and engage your audience. Also, be sure to inform your viewers: answer questions you think viewers will have and generate some interest and anticipation regarding the event.

  • Make sure you let your audience know what to expect during the broadcast
  • Consistently promote your Instagram Live
  • Share time and date details for your Instagram Live in your stories

Utilize the countdown sticker on Instagram Stories and encourage viewers to set a reminder for when the countdown ends.

2. Know your audience

If you want to be successful going LIVE, it’s essential to know your audience and your target demographic. Utilize the information and tools Instagram offers to help you.

  • Use your Instagram Insights (under the Audience tab). This showcases a breakdown of when your followers are most active
    • Be sure to GO LIVE during a time your viewers are active
  • If you use an external content management system, use their analytics to learn more about your audience’s behaviors

3. Tell a story

Going LIVE should have a beginning, middle, and end. Make sure there are various points of interest that engage viewers, but one central focus the live stream is all about.

  • Think about your objective. Why are you going LIVE? Is it for brand awareness? Or to obtain more viewers? This should change how you approach going LIVE
  • Develop segments that will help keep the flow going and memorize these segments with targeted talking points and solid objectives
  • Do a run-through of your content so you have a rough estimate of how long each segment takes

4. Lights, camera, INSTA LIVE

Make sure you pick a topic that will interest your audience. Think: will this topic be engaging, informative, and is it visually appealing?

  • Think of ways to jazz up your space and create a background that is aesthetically pleasing to your viewers
  • Ensure your décor, background, lighting, and attire reflect your company culture, brand, and objective
  • Be camera ready! Not only does this mean good lights, makeup, and dress—but make sure you are prepared on your topic before going LIVE and refrain from using filler words and unwanted gaps of silence

Use branded elements—posters, coffee mugs, T-shirts, or folders. Anything in the background or foreground viewers will consciously or subconsciously see can strengthen your brand.

Stay true to you

Be prepared before going LIVE – have a plan and develop an outline for how the broadcast will go. But, remember not to over plan. People like when companies go LIVE because it shows they are relatable and lively people. Be authentic & true to your company.

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