How to make your workspace more creative

Creativity does not just apply to output. Our company is not just creative and collaborative in our work, but our environment as well.

Think bright & light

Especially now, due to the pandemic and extended social distancing, it may not be easy to lift company morale. Still, you'd be surprised by what a comfortable and creative office can do for you and your employees. Think about little ways to brighten your office—art, soft lighting, plants, and even personalized face masks can help lift spirits.

Turn your break room into a playroom

Some companies rework their break rooms into playrooms with board games, nap pods, VR games, or even a pool table. Every company has a different way of letting loose—find items to put in this room that will enhance the creativity and productivity at your company. You can design this room in any way you want, but remember, it's important to have a separate, designated space for relaxing. You'd be surprised at how many creative ideas can occur away from one's desk and everyday work stresses.

Don't forget about the walls

Colors can influence the way we perceive our environment. If you want a more calming room, opt for light green or blue walls. If you want a place that's a little livelier, consider an accent wall or a brighter color to enhance the space. Also, think about ways you can use utilize empty wall space, possibly with inspirational posters, art, whiteboards, or even chalkboards. This can help to build a collaborative workspace. Utilize the dividers between desks to add artwork, notes, and other personalized items that will make an individual's space unique and ascetically pleasing to view.

At Copy & Art, we use inspirational words across our walls to add a bit of color and creativity to our collaborative work environment.

Have a communal space

Have a designated co-working space with chairs, large and small tables, couches, and standing desks. This can help enhance a more collaborative workspace and allow people to work independently or in a group.

Add a pop of color

We love, love, love color at Copy & Art 💜. We add a pop of color any chance we can, from our branded notebooks, laptop covers, sticky notes, and folders, to pens and highlighters. Think about some easy ways you can use color to enhance your office.

Seek to inspire

Whether it's adding inspirational posters, cool art, a playroom, plants, or standing desks, think about ways to inspire your employees to help enhance the creative workflow of your office. When in doubt, Feng shui it out. Play around and rearrange your office to bring new light to the company outlook. Enhance your creativity—the Copy & Art way.

If you need help incorporating creativity into your work environment, email us at or call (914) 607-7888.

We're Copy & Art—a creative company

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