Evolving marketing strategies can help hospitals attract new business

Scientific and technological advances are changing the healthcare landscape. The competition inherent in the hospital market is increasing as patients become educated consumers. They have more knowledge at their fingertips and more options when it comes to the businesses they patronize. This trend affects hospitals as much as every other business.

Effective hospital marketing can help patients decide where they will go to fill their healthcare needs, but it can also serve a variety of other functions. As technology evolves, marketing strategies can use different channels to reach a particular audience, to educate, to serve the community, and to increase discoverability.

There are numerous marketing techniques hospitals can use to attract patients and connect with people in their service area. These are a few of the essential techniques as we move closer to 2020, but it is important to keep evolving. Do what works—if a strategy seems to be failing, don’t waste time and resources on it. Focus on methods that seem to connect and draw engagement.

It’s all about the experience

The website is the first source of information for a potential patient investigating a hospital. It is one of the earliest search engine hits, and many consumers will judge the hospital’s quality by the website design and ease of use. Sites that are user-friendly win the day.

Hospital websites should not be targeted toward healthcare providers—most patients have a limited medical vocabulary. They might also be sick, pregnant, or worried about an upcoming test or surgery. The language should be supportive, streamlined, and straightforward for any person to understand. The site itself should be designed to agree with the hospital’s branding. There should be sufficient crosslinking as well as easily accessible landing pages for improved navigation. It is often the case that potential patients aren’t sure exactly what page they need.

“Alexa, where is the closest cancer treatment center?”

SEO is an essential part of any marketing plan, especially as hospitals move toward inbound marketing. As technology evolves, it is particularly important to optimize search results for voice. The use of voice-activated devices, such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Siri, for search, is becoming more prevalent. These search inputs are usually longer than typed searches and have extra words. People tend to speak in whole sentences rather than disjointed words as in typed searches.

You’ve got the platform—now create the content

Hospitals can make websites, and social media accounts for potential patients to land on, but if there is no content, they will leave quickly. The focus needs to shift from creating ads and promotions to creating engaging and informative content. Health tips, hospital news, Q&As with physicians, and blog posts can all perform the dual purpose of attracting potential patients and marketing the hospital as a destination for relevant health content.

Show your social side

Although elderly patients tend to need more healthcare than younger ones, hospitals should have an eye to the future when it comes to their marketing strategies. They are catering to an aging population becoming more and more familiar with the technology. In the future, older patients will be well-versed in social media, and hospitals should have an established presence. Social media is important for informing patients and promoting services, but most of all, it is a platform for engagement. Sites like Facebook and Twitter provide outlets for patients to express their opinions and for hospitals to respond to queries and complaints.

Knowing the community can help hospitals better serve its needs

When consumers are asked what qualities most often win their business, empathy is a common response. Consumers appreciate it when companies take the time to understand their problems and provide services they genuinely need. The best strategy hospitals can use to attract new business is to use social media and other methods of direct engagement to learn how they can best serve their communities.

We are adept at engaging with a hospital market

Copy & Art can help hospitals and other healthcare-related brands connect with potential patients, earn new business, and distinguish themselves as valuable members of their communities. Contact us to learn more about our expertise in healthcare marketing. Email hello@copyandartny.comor call (914) 607-7888.

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