E.A.T. Your Way to a Better Search Ranking

Over 3 million blog posts and web pages are published every day, and only 9% of those are getting organic search traffic from Google. The search engine’s 2018 algorithm update, centering on the tenets of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E.A.T.), has reduced traffic even further for many sites. However, it also provides an opportunity to rise to the top of search results by adapting to the new requirements.

Only 9% of daily posted content gets organic search traffic from Google.

Initially, the update negatively affected lots of major sites in an effort to reward smaller sites. Websites like Travelocity, Spruce Eats, and Livestrong lost at least 50% of organic traffic in the week after the update rolled out. Even Buzzfeed, which gets about 9 billion content views per month, lost 30% of its organic search traffic. Although the algorithm rolled out over a year ago, many businesses have found it difficult to rebound.

E.A.T. stands for:
Expertise – How knowledgeable are you?
Authoritativeness – How credible are you?
Trustworthiness – How trustworthy are you?

These may seem like vague measures, but they are a part of Google’s goal to provide the highest quality content to its users. If this is also your goal, there are definitely ways to boost your E.A.T.

If you are providing quality content, then following these steps will help you rank higher in search results and connect your users with the pages most valuable to them. Also remember, the more technical your content, the higher the standards Google will use to rank your site.

The new algorithm has been nicknamed the “medic update” because 41% of the sites affected are in the health sector.

Websites providing technical or health-related information are held to a higher standard than many other sites. This is a part of Google’s mission to ensure the sites they recommend to users are reliable and speaking from a position of expertise and experience.

If you need help crafting high-quality content and metadata aligned with Google’s requirements and with high E.A.T, you might want to consider hiring a creative agency. A skilled team of writers can make a huge difference in a site’s search rankings. Email hello@copyandartny.com, or call (914) 607-7888, to hear how Copy & Art can improve your digital presence.

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