4 digital marketing tips for building your brand

1. Stay consistent across materials

Use a similar tone, voice, messaging, and language across your social media platforms, newsletters, emails, and other marketing materials. For social media, consider shifting your levels of formality to conform to the specific platform. Twitter can be less formal, and LinkedIn should be more formal. 

Keep your copy style consistent across all of your materials. Make sure the treatments of bullets, header treatments (initial cap vs sentence case), font style & size, and use of abbreviations are uniform and are a part of your brand and style guidelines.

2. Stamp your logo and brand colors on everything

From videos and images to your campaign emails and magazine articles—make sure your logo is clear and visible on all marketing materials. Also, try to find small ways to stamp your brand on client materials such as PowerPoint presentations and infographics. Make sure your tables, infographics, and art visuals all use your brand color palette.

3. Unify your copy and art

As creatives, we sometimes think there is a divide between content and visuals. It’s important to understand how and why copy and art should marry to enhance your brand awareness. 

For example, at Copy & Art, our brand colors are orange, purple, and hot pink—bright, bold, easily-noticeable colors that reflect our copy tone—ambitious, bold, creative, inspirational, and positive.

4. Know your audience

To best build your brand identity and awareness, you have to know who you are speaking to and why. What are the age, location, and interests of your key demographic? Tailor your messaging to properly and effectively communicate with these individuals. 

Consider your language style—does your business target the millennial demographic? Modify your messaging language to theirs by using emojis, abbreviations, and slang as long as this fits your business tone. If not, find a happy middle ground.

Now think about what you want this key demographic to do. What is the call to action? And how can the call to action match the unmet need of your audience? Always think about giving your audience something they are missing or something they didn’t know they wanted until you pointed it out.

If you need help building your brand with digital marketing, email us at hello@copyandartny.com or call (914) 607-7888.

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